Using Diet as an Alternative Treatment for Cancer

Alternative cancer treatments using diet emphasize the belief that you are what you eat. I am a Big Mac and super-sized fries, according to the phrase. This is not true but at one time could have been. The fact of the matter is that Americans no longer eat as our grandparents did. It isn’t that fast food is cheaper.

On the contrary fast food is just as expensive as the food in a restaurant at lunch time and breakfast. Dinner is another matter. It’s that you can drive through, order from someone that mumbles, pay for your meal, and be out with the wrong food in less than 5 minutes.

We are a society of rushers and it is taking its toll on our health.

Cancer diets change all that

When I was in my teens and twenties we had a crazy woman in town, well one of many. She wore a mink coat in the summer and used astrology to heal people through diet based on their sun sign. I had a friend that was pregnant and was found to have full-blown cervical cancer.

The doctors wanted her to abort and have a hysterectomy. She refused. Instead, she mustered all the courage she had and visited the crazy lady in her spooky old house. Crazy Mink Coat Lady asked my friend her sun sign and put her on a cancer diet of berries and nuts based on it.

My friend carried the child to full term. She was continuously checked for cancer throughout, and by the time she delivered it had disappeared. The doctors said it was the change in her hormones. She believes different. Since then she had another baby and her baby had babies.

She maintains a diet rich in the foods recommended and has been cancer free for 40 years. She used a dietary cancer treatment before they became popular, back in the days when doctors were gods.

Each year hundreds of thousands of people die from obesity and poor nutrition. Is it any wonder that our body reacts to the processed food by creating weaker and damaged cells? It is believed that cancer requires an acid state to grow. The best body pH is between 6.6 and 7.6 with 7.4 being excellent. Foods that are consumed affect that number.

That being said, there are a number of nutritional changes that could improve the outcome of cancer. While scientifically it isn’t known whether you can eliminate cancer by improving the pH of the body, Macrobiotics practicianers and others believe it to be true.

The foods used in their diet are whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables, all noted to be excellent sources of nutrition.

Another cancer diet that has been used in alternative clinics is the raw vegetable or fresh fruit juice fast

The diets consist of raw carrots, beets, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus (Couldn’t we just steam them a bit?), red beats, pineapple, purple grapes, blueberries, strawberries, apricot seed and a little turmeric for flavor plus small amounts of other raw vegetables for variety. These are put in a juicer or a food processor.

The food processor is used primarily for the grapes so the seeds and skins can be used. According to the diet you choose either a vegetable juice diet, making certain that at least 1 to 2 quarts daily of carrot juice from raw carrots and 2 beets, tops and all.

You may have noted I mentioned apricot seeds in the diet and already know that laetrile is made from them. While it is considered a cancer treatment, be wary of using too many apricot seeds. Cyanide gas is created and it could be lethal.

The gas does not build in the body, so you can’t get a toxic dose over a long period of time but if too many are eaten in a short period of time it kills. If it were me, I’d skip the seeds or stick to one or two.

The above juice fast is combined with lots and lots of fresh, chlorine free water. A glass of water should be consumed prior to drinking a glass of juice, or the two can be combined at a 50/50 ratio. You can find the best RO UV Water Purifier and drink only the purest water.

The amount of time that the diet encompasses is 21 to 40 days with short breaks to eat the raw vegetables and at the end a gradual reintroduction to solids. The short breaks for the juice diet are important but only raw fruits or vegetables (depending on your diet)and nuts can be eaten.

There are warnings about several vegetables such as broccoli, greens, and cucumber peels containing a lot of vitamin K (a clotting agent). Onions and garlic should be omitted from the diet. I could do with out the garlic but I do love my onions on salad, okay maybe not in a salad puree.

These diets are also similar to the grape juice diet, where dark grapes are put in a food processor and the juice used in place of the vegetable juice or fresh fruit juice.

On most sites, the combination of fruits and vegetables were totally discouraged. So, you have to choose from day one, am I going for the deliciously sweet taste of fruit or should I choose the more substantial taste of vegetables.

Tough decision

Before you attempt any kind of dietary change, ask your doctor if it will interfere with any medication that you take. Most doctors may pooh-pooh the diet but, if it won’t hurt you, why not? I am far from being a nutritionist, even though I know enough to balance meals by color. (It works.)

These are just examples of nutritional treatments and as far as I know, can’t hurt you. A discussion with the doctor is always best.

Does it work?

Many have sworn by the treatment. Since different cancers have different causes, it may work for some but not others but in most instances, it can’t hurt. In my original article Alternative Cancer Treatments, I told about the study done at Ohio State University on dark red and orange fruits and vegetables.

Perhaps the vegetable diet, fruit diet, and grape juice diet have been taking advantage of the findings without knowing why it works. The pH moderation also uses fresh vegetables and fruits to modify to a more normal state. Are they all linked? I only know that if I had cancer I would give this a try.

Right now, however, I am trying to remember if that left over piece of pizza in the box has been out for two days or four, before I nuke and eat it. I guess you could say I practice my own brand of chemotherapy.


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