Who’s Going to Take Care of Mom?

Mom is like a heart pumping blood 24/7, 365 days in entire life. She is the center of the home and acts like a nucleus. Mom starts her day with taking care of children, bathing, feeding and sending them to school. She will pack lunches and sends her husband to work. Then she cleans the kitchen, laundry and housecleaning.

Who's Going to Take Care of Mom

She is the first person to wake up in the morning and last one to go to bed making sure everyone in the family is taken care of.

She has barely any time to attend to herself. When she cooks or bakes, she makes sure her family eats well and if any leftovers are there, she will eat them because she doesn’t want to waste any food. She does shopping looking for deals, trying to save money.

Mom and son

During the holidays she works even harder because she is not only taking care of her family but many more extended families. Everybody expects a lot from her; taking her love for granted but no one thinks of her as another human being. She has her own needs and wants things just like anybody.

If she doesn’t take time for herself and attend to her needs she will be burning like a candle, while reflecting the light to surrounding people by her.

She works harder on weekends and holidays because her family stays home requiring more meals. That means more dishes, laundry and house cleaning.

She cannot take any fixed breaks, lunch time or dinner outings. She has to be flexible to fit her family members’ lifestyles. Her whole world revolves around the needs of her family.

At work she gets breaks and lunch time but at home she has no schedule. While trying to help work and help family economically she doesn’t get same perks at home. She is simply taken for granted. She is supposed to take care of the family; 24/7 365 days and loving unconditionally.

She doesn’t get summer vacation, winter breaks, and the worst part is she doesn’t get paid to be a mom. No pay, perks, bonuses or 401 K benefits. She doesn’t even get retirement.

Because she has to work until her children are grown up and after they are settled and start their own families; when she becomes a grandmother, she is taken for granted to take care of her grandchildren.

So the big question is who will attend to mom? Please take a few moments this new year and look at your mother. Please pamper her to some kind of aromatherapy or massaging. Acknowledge her contribution to the family and send her to vacation, even if she doesn’t ask. Find out what she really enjoys and let her take some time off.

The most important way to care is to make breakfast in bed. I treat my mom every year to some vacation. I told my father to give her a day off in the kitchen once a week.

I know she will only overdo and cook more and keep stuffing the fridge but at least by not allowing her to go into the kitchen is a very simple and loving way of showing mom’s love.

I will say this would be the best way of starting a new year.

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